Our Information Technology
Salient Features - IT
  • CMS Reporting Tool
  • 100% Voice recording
  • A digital switch that processes and routes voice communications (telephone calls) and data communications from one endpoint to another
  • Remote access and telecommunication features for greater efficiency
  • Management features like alarm, abbreviated dialing group, adding trunk announcements, music-on-hold etc.

Servers & Desktops
  • Windows Server 2003 based Active directory Infrastructure for managing the client and server computers along with different users and groups.
  • Ensuring adherence to organizational policies by defining group policies like preventing access to auxiliary storage devices, restricting user-rights & management and sorting of users into groups and organizational units.
  • Enforcing uniformity of themes and similar look-and-feel of the user-interface by defining and enforcing related policy objects.

Technology Team
  • Highly Skilled team of 3 IT/Technology Professionals
  • 24*7 Helpdesk onsite Support
  • 24*7 VPN Support
  • Cisco Certified Professionals for management fo network infrastructure.
  • Microsoft Certified Professionals for server and Workstation management.

Response Time to Mobilize
  • Immediately upon receiving the LOI with in 7 days we will start the process.
  • Timelines for ‘Go-Live’ for  the 1st batch of advisors with in 3 weeks.

Service Portfolio